In all the way, successful festivals are practically becoming brands. In a music industry where success is far from safe, a music festival done right can be an unforgettable experience for all participants.

But if you are wrong, it is a real catastrophe.

Horror stories like the Fyre Festival — also known as ” The biggest party that never took place ” —are a great reminder. In fact, in the past we have already seen what can be learned from a festival like the Fyre Festival .

So how do you organize a music festival the right way?

1. Find out who the festival is for

Festival tickets are usually not sold only thanks to the bands that will play there. They should be advertised as a place to discover new bands, a place where you can find musicians who play the same kind of music.

To understand this level of branding, you need to identify your audience. Does your festival appeal to electronic music fans or metalheads? Your audience will greatly influence all the decisions you need to make.

Take Download Festival as an example. They have the benefits of 15 years of history behind them. At that time, lineups and advertising strategies revolved around people who liked heavy metal. For this reason, people bought tickets for the festival even before they knew who would play them.


You can send surveys to people in your malining list and find out which bands they like, where they find their concerts and what they would like to see at your festival.

Ideal participant

Create the profile of an ideal participant. How old is he, more or less? What does he like? What music do you listen to?

Analyze the competition

Pay particular attention to what your competitors do.

Tip : Take a look at this guide on how to identify and attract festival fans.

2. Decide what is best: outdoor or indoor

The organizers who are putting on a festival often see in front of them a spectacular crowd of 80,000 people who gather on a huge field. Images of Woodstock or Glastonbury come to mind. But outdoor events are not always the best choice. You should consider the pros and cons of outdoor and indoor events.

Outdoor Festival

Outdoor festivals are fantastic, but there may be several potential problems. There are problems to consider that arise with large outdoor events. Maybe you’ll have to find different equipment.

Outdoor festivals are difficult to organize, but it is possible to have thousands of participants.

Often, the outdoor space you choose will not have been designed for musical events. This means that, in practice, you have to organize everything well in advance. And all with the risk that it rains heavily .

The pros of an outdoor fesival

  • More space and the possibility of mounting more than one stage.
  • More space for sellers.
  • Space for participants to camp, in case your festival lasts more than a day.

The cons of an outdoor festival

  • Bad weather can play tricks on you.
  • It can be difficult to find and manage the equipment for an outdoor festival.
  • You have to create barriers and check tickets to avoid posting.
  • There will be no staff in the chosen office to help you.

Indoor Festival

If your festival is held indoors, it will be easy to have everything prepared well in advance. The headquarters staff is used to big concerts. You don’t need to fence and it will be easier to manage security. If the space is large, then the equipment, the staff at the entrance, the technicians, and much more will be included. So, less things to worry about.

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