Babies bring unrivaled happiness in a home, build a family and give their parents a direction and purpose to live their lives. On the other hand, parents are responsible to teach these little creatures to behave in an acceptable manner and adopt healthy habits. Any tiny misconduct on children’s part results in the elder’s humiliation and questions their approach of child care gold coast. It is universally known that the first five years of a baby develop their habits and personality. In the first year of their lives, babies would abide by your rules without any question. The last one and a half years are perceptively handled by the preschools, leaving the toddlerhood as the foremost and the most difficult part of upbringing behind. Here we are with some valuable and easy to practice tips on how to discipline your toddler. Let’s have a look:

Be a Good Role Model

Toddlers pick up more from your actions rather than your words. For example, if you lose your temper in an out-of-the-way situation, your child would observe and exercise the same. A parent or any guardian who exercises patience, practice cleanliness, wash hands before and after a meal, reads before bed, speaks the truth, and bears other quality habits would nourish a child following the same or a better personality for sure.

Keep Trying

We understand that there are times when one goes utterly frustrated in dealing with toddlers. But patience and consistency is the key. Toddlers are like clear canvases and you may paint them however you like. Do not insult them or breach their self-respect and don’t treat them like adults. They don’t have the mental caliber to interpret your rules and restrictions. Give them time and space, all you can do is define your terms and conditions and then wait, patiently, while keeping a check on them.

Listen to them

A harsh sssshhh or thrusting soother in the mouth is not a solution. They may be suffering from someone’s ill-treatment or have some stomach issues, their teeth may hurt or they are skeptical of someone’s presence. Pay heed to them, be a good listener.

Say less, Mean more

If it’s a no, tell your kid and that’s the end of discussion. Don’t negotiate with them and don’t bribe them. Rather tempting them with kickbacks, employ the art of distraction and flurry their attention.

Be Kind

Never hit your kid or use harsh words onto them. Children at this age won’t understand the link between their misconduct and the resulting punishment. Plus the damage is irreparable. The physical punishment induces anxiety and aggression in them, disturbing their mental health and personality.

Toddler-hood is the most sensitive period of a kid’s life. Any misdemeanor on the guardian’s part would escalate, no matter unconsciously, negative imagery in his head and such memories retain in the back of their mind forever. Anything on earth can triumph with love and the one in your lap is just a kid. Be kind!

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